Monday, 7 March 2011

South America

Where to start?? I have not travelled all of South America but from what I have seen, it's my favourite place to go!! Infact I am in Sydney right now (a cool, cool city), but somehow, I keep finding myself reflecting on Argentina,Uruquay and Brazil!!

Just a few highlights.....


I can’t say Uruguay has ever been on my 'must-see' list. In fact to me, it sounds like a concrete jungle Eastern European war zone but it’s the escape we all need, and I really liked the girls I met on the project. I randomly asked  if they wanted to come with me (Charlie and Adrianna).  The words ..."I can't believe we have only known each other for 4 days" was said quite a lot as we got on so well and are good friends now.

After 12 hours of travelling; 1ferry and 2buses, we arrive in a place called Punta Del Diablo. Punta Del Diablo is a beautiful little fishing village in the very north-east corner of Uruguay near the border with Brazil. This is a beach town, best described as the Wild West meets Grand Designs. No roads, just dirt tracks separate small colourful cabin houses. So different, such a gorgeous town, very simple with a handful of shops, a few crafts being sold on the streets. Every beach faces a different direction and it's surfer's paradise, so we loved it!!!!Had an amazing holiday there, met cool people and I would recommend Uruguay to anyone...nice beaches, unpretendious, cheap (20 pesos to one pound) and lovely people!!

Next, my trip with mum (MAGS!!) also now referred to as my 'sis'...all the men loved her and called her my sister!!!!This trip was incredible...the best holiday I have ever had. We learnt, saw, smiled soooo much!!! El Calefate (right down south of Argentina) was the highlight!! PLEASE EVERYONE GO!!!!! It's kind of unfound, as in, not many people know about it, which is why its makes it so special. The airport has only been open for 10years! Breaktaking views of the glaciers and quite a few laughs with the faulty towers hotel we stayed in!!You can get other hotels don't worry, we were just unlucky with this one!!!!

 We then flew to Bariloche (it's on the map at the top) which is a ski resort with mountains and lakes. It borders Chili-beautiful place, we loved it. Great treks and loads to do there!!

Following this we moved onto Iguazu Falls which borders Argentina and Brazil. It was amazing, but for some reason it wasn"t as breathtaking as El Calafete. BUT, still worth seeing :-)

Our final stop was Rio. I have always dreamt about going to this city! A crazy city at that!! A mix of fun Brazilian people in bikini's yet contrary to this you do feel underneath it all that you have to keep your wits about you. I wore my rucksake on my front the whole time so it was all fine!! Rio, is everything and more than I thought it would be. Saw some of carnival and the views from Sugar loaf and Christ the Redeemer was definately 'memorable'!  We then moved onto a a day tour island hopping down the south of Rio, it was sooo relaxing. Our 'job' for the day was to jump off a cool boat to get onto the different islands...paradise!Tough times!!

I could write so much more about all of this, but won't bore you!! My diary entry is getting packed of stories and all the exciting things I have seen

I feel very lucky!!

So, thats me up to date now. I am in Sydney now, just come off the beach!! Thinking about taking a trip upto the Whitsunday Islands next week before going to Melbourne:-)


Smiles from the other side of the world!!! :-)



  1. Hi Miss Calnan - your adventure looks amazing!
    This message is just from all of us in your Year 11 GCSE PE Class. We just want to let you know that the moderation went brilliantly - Megan and I got assessed on our circuits (we both got 9's) and then 3 of us got assessed on rounders. It went really well and I think we really impressed the moderator, now just to get the grades in theory! Our lessons are so different without you. We all REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss you and want you to come back ASAP!!!! It just isn’t the same going into the lessons without you. We just want to say we cannot wait till you get back. I am sure a few of them have some things to tell you. I know there is certainly one thing they want to talk to you about.
    We are all working very hard in theory with Miss Webster-Bunn and Mr Wootton but its not the same. So come back like now?!?!?!
    Hope to hear from you soon, and see you soon!
    Best wishes
    Rhiane and the rest of your Year 11 PE Class!! :) xxx

  2. HI GIRLS!!!!

    Great to hear from you!!!! There's me thinking you didnt want me back as havent heard from you in a while!!!haa!!

    WELL DONE with moderation!!! You clever things!! SOOOO pleased, knew you could do it!!!! I have been emailing Mr Woodham to find out how you are getting on!! Glad everything is going well, but CANNOT WAIT to see you guys!!! I use my key ring everywhere I go!!!!

    What is this you need to speak to me about..???You can't say that and not tell me!!

    Keep in touch.

    Leaving Auss now and off to Malaysia today.

    Big smiles,

    Miss Calnan :-)

  3. Hi Miss Calnan, sorry its a late reply - I've been really busy with everything going on!!
    How is the trip going?? Kelsey and Sonja said "You have to have surgery to get you whiter when you get back" as they will be jealous of your tan!
    I think the girls wanted to talk to you about Netball Tour as 6th formers are not going. I dont know the ins and outs but am sure I can get more information from them if you wish!
    We are just finishing a Process C (Strengths and weaknesses thingy) which is going well. And we are just going through the pre-release material with Mr Wootton.

    Hope all is well, big smiles to you to!

    Rhiane and the rest of the Girls :-)x

  4. Hey Rhiane,

    Hope all the works goinge well and look forward to hearing everything when I get back. We can discuss the Netball tour stuff when I get back, as I have no idea what it's all about. I have an idea for Netball though when I get back, you may all be pleased...but you have to wait!!
    Just arrived in thailand now, although tell that funny Sonja and Kelsey...she wont need surgery as its cold here as there have been floods! It did make me laugh though!!

    Gotta go, time running out in this cafe!!
    Take care and keep working hard...see you soon!!!!

  5. Hi
    Hope Thailand is nice. Bit of bad news, the Netball tour has been cancelled but I'm not really sure why. You may know more than I do!
    All the girls want to know what this "idea" is, so can you please give me a brief idea.. pretty please?!?!
    When do you come back? We all really miss you!
    Speak soon
    Rhiane and the girls xx

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Hope you are well. Easter is coming around fast & have two very excited boys waiting for the Easter bunny!! Looks like you're having a fab time, what have you been up to recently?

    Take care & hope to hear from you soon

    Sophie xx