Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Life in Argentina!!

Thanks for coming into this blog and still taking the time to see how I am doing!!
To be completely honest, I started off very shaky, very homesick and thoughts of ...´what AM I doing here!!´ came into my head! The song...Don´t cry for my Argentina...were apparent!!!

The project is brilliant!! I visit the slums everyday and read with them, although my Spainish is very limited! We play games in the streets, make paintings etc. The best thing is that every month lifeargentina goes to deliever a present for every single kid and we bake a big cake. That is what we did today, the smiles on their faces!!! The presents are very basic, like a notebook and pencils, but they get so excited, even the 15year olds!!! Makes you think how lucky we are hey.

I will download some pictures at the weekend.

Thats is for now...

keep in touch, if you have time,Miss you all,


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