Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Welcome to my blog!!

Hi everyone who wants to keep in touch with me!!!!!

Soon I will be jetting off to the other side of the world and thought it would be good to stay in touch!!! (hope you like the blog name Yr 11's!)

Keep in touch and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!


  1. Yeeess, I'm the first to post a comment baby yeah
    C u tomorrow gal XX

  2. Yes Miss Calnan - i'd ike to keep in touch with you:) can you also set me some homework as well please? I know you're guna have a 'fantastic' trip and remember midgets can be dangerous. Wishing you the best time in the world and the dream of all dreams...looking forward to seeing you when you get back...lots of love tx

  3. Hope you have an amazing time!
    I'll be missing you loads!!! XXX

  4. Heey miss :) hope you have a great time. Missing you loads at school. Hope I can still talk to you about stuff :) xx

  5. Oh my darling!!!! Hope that the flight was ok. Have been on the old vino rouge...but not quite the same without you. Looking forward to hearing all the goss (and hopefully creating some to send back!). Love you loads xxxxx

  6. Hey there peeps!!!

    Hope everyone is ok in cold England!!!

    I am in Argentina, Bnenos Aries now and its quite hot here.

    The family home I am staying with is really central and is quite noisy, but really handy for the metro and HSBC, supermarket is opposite!

    Today I start working in the slums and I have been told we are feeding the children today as these kids dont eat much! I was told yesterday that the way the government support the slums is by providing school kids food. So ALL the kids go to school which is good. However, the holidays here are so long!! So what happens to the kids in the holidays...what do they eat? Thats where lifeargentina comes in and feeds them. It all sounds very sad and I will see for myself what it is like today.

    Thats it for now-keep in touch!!!!!

    Calnanboii!!!! xx

  7. Hi Sarah, How's it going? I expect it all seems rather strange at the moment.But stick with it! At least it must be warm and you can see the sun every day.I even feel homesick when I stay with friends in America. After a few days you will really settle in and be able to enjoy your surroundings more. Just think of me with Mr Grump, who is even grumpier at the moment as the jolly old tax returns have to be in by 31st January!Molly sends a cuddle. Lots of love, Wendy x

  8. Hi Sarah
    Glad to see you've arrived safely! I bet it's been a real culture shock? Am looking forward to reading all about your adventures!! Take care out there...lots of love
    Jordie xxxx

  9. Hey Miss! Hope you are all okay over there! Please keep us updated what it is like! We all miss you in PE - it just isnt the same!
    Hope all is well and I wll see you when you return!
    Rhiane :) x

  10. Hey gal,
    Cool pics on FB. Amazing work ur doing. Helping give these kids some of the best memories of their lives.
    Take care XXX

  11. Picture are great & so sweet. You'll always make a difference because thats you xx

  12. Hi Sarah, Glad to hear you seem to be settling in. The kids look so gorgeous, it will be so hard to leave them! It never cease to amaze me how the kids are so grateful for tiny things which we take for granted. I remember when I was in India and kids came and begged but not for money, just pens and paper. They were so eager to learn to read and write. We could learn such a lot from them.You really don't have to keep reminding us of the hot sun and the beaches. We are all quite happy in freezing England but at least the miserable rain has gone! You will have such a gorgeous tan, am very jealous. Keep smiling and enjoy. Love Wendy x

  13. Thanks for all the comments guys!!! Really appreciated!!!

    Hope everyone back there is ok!!!

    Miss u,


  14. Hi Sarah
    Loved the brill photos. Am so pleased you are settling in and beginning to live it up and enjoy yourself! I am also glad you have a bit of a reprieve for the Bitch and the Kit! Must be a story there somewhere. I do hope you are writing it all down? Especially all the strange creatures you may meet, bitches and kits included. I sometimes think when you see really odd people you think you may be imagining what you see, that's why I always scribble down a quick note about what they look and act like, makes interesting reading later. The kids all look so sweet. What sort of activities are you doing with them?

    Hope you enjoy the party and your trip to Uruguay, photos, please!

    You were right about our weather, there are whisperings about snow and it is so cold. Fingers crossed, that it is only a whisper!

    Talk soon.

    Love, Wendy x

  15. Hi Sarah

    Just wanted to say have a wonderful time in Uruguay, I know Tom and Steve really enjoyed being there. We are off 'up North' to Oxford on Friday for a weekend with the family. It won't be long before your Mum joins you! Will be in touch again when I return from Oxford.

    Love, wendy xx

  16. Hi Sarah,
    How was Uruguay, it was Uruguay wasn't it? !! Hope you had a great time anyway. We had a great weekend with the family last week. I have had a frustrating week, my phone is on the blink, my freezer is not freezing and now my dear son has gone off to Africa! He is just leaving for the airport. I am trying to be brave.
    Anyway , you must be so excited about your Mum coming out. I am so jealous, have always wanted to see Macchu Picju!Hope you both have a brilliant brilliant time.Let us know all about it when you return.Bec and I are going to Venice for a few days in March, so really excited about that, I love that city. Nothing exciting to tell you. Take care. Love Wendy xx

  17. Hi again! Tom asked me to contact you. When they arrived at the airport the plane was overbooked and they were asking for volunteers to travel a day late. Think it was the four star hotel for the night and £500 which persuaded them! So, they are just leaving now. Tom will be in touch as soon as he can. I am now going away to bury my head in the sand for two weeks. Love, wendy xx

  18. Hi Sarah

    Tom sent Roy a text . He is staying in old colonial house and is fine. No internet at the moment. Let you know if we hear more!
    Love Wendy x